Review: Dance of Love (Montbryce: The Next Generation #3) by Anna Markland

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Dance of Love





He is a warrior stricken by a crippling affliction; she is the daughter of a king. Where there is great love, there are always miracles.



My Review

Unbelievably moving, Dance of Love not just gives you a romantic story but turns your viewpoint and

makes you believe in the power of miracles. Though crippled with an incurable ailment, Izzy has vision to succeed and is set to prove himself to his relatives. An exotic beauty and a gifted healer, Farah is not what she seems. Their journey to love and healing is filled with obstacles both internal and external. The author’s writing style is elegant and appropriate for the time and setting. Though there are some foreign phrases without a translation, the heartfelt emotions and steadfast honor of the main characters conquers the reader’s attention. Warning: Some scenes can cause tears.

I was provided a copy of the book by BTS eMag for the purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review—all conclusions are my own responsibility

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