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Dan Wright

Dan Wright writes and publishes his own books through traditional paperback and ebook format. He writes novels with a strong manga influence to them and are filled with action, comedy, romance and drama. He likes to include artwork with his novels, illustrated by some of the most talented artists.

Influenced by medieval fantasy and greek mythology from an early age, Dan loves to write and create fantasy worlds. His first novel “Trapped on Draconica” is set in the world of Draconica, where the dragons once ruled as gods. It’s the first of what he hopes will be a series of novels, set in the same fantasy world.

Aside from writing, Dan is also a reviewer on the website Read2Review – where he reviews the latest in Fantasy and Science Fiction. He also plays guitar and has played in a few bands his time – his biggest gig being the Bulldog Bash Festival in Summer 2011. He also likes watching wrestling and is a huge Doctor Who fan.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/?q=#/PandragonDanWright?ref=ts&fref=ts

Goodreads: Dan Wright


His Books:

Trapped on Draconica 

Legacy of the Dragonkin 

Taurok’s War 

All Hail Emperor Gothon 

The Wandering Valky 





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