Review: All Hail Emperor Gothon by Dan Wright

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All Hail Emperor Gothon


In Trapped on Draconica, Emperor Erik Gothon III was a seemingly unstoppable tyrant – sending out his armies across Draconica in the hope to save his wife from a disease that no medicine could cure. The truth, however, was far darker than anyone could imagine.

Before all that, however – before the incident that destroyed his mind – Erik Gothon was an idealistic, if somewhat naive young man that sought to save the Baalarian Empire from the hell that his father had made it. However, his good intentions will eventually destroy those around him – even that of the woman he loves.

Set years before the events of Trapped on Draconica, All Hail Emperor Gothon is a dark tale of one man’s descent into madness – and the genesis of Trapped on Draconica’s most complex and tortured character.


My Review

Ruthless, unforgiving, and downright evil, Emperor Gothon was built to be hated and despised by the readers in Dan Wright’s first book of the Draconica Series, Trapped in Draconica. Several questions like how he ended up like this and if his despicable nature was inborn or if there was some cataclysmic event that triggered it, had risen. All of these, and a couple more you might think of, are answered in this novelette, All Hail Emperor Gothon. This is a darkly realistic and gritty story that reveals how fame and power easily corrupts the fragile human mind. Frank narrative and unexpected plot fills each page revealing Gothon’s multi-stage development clearly. The narrative is engaging and easily understood. Each character’s unique personalities and characteristics has been unerringly displayed, giving the readers a clear view of what type of person or being those characters were. Due to some dark graphic scenes and the subject matter, this novella might not be for the young reader. Though different from the usual manga influenced books that I have read from this author, the solid story arc, plotting, and characterization made this a highly satisfying read. I have been given an e-book copy of the author. I was not compensated for this review. All conclusions are my own responsibility.

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