Review: Taurok’s War by Dan Wright

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Taurok's War


Finn and his son Barin came to Baalaria to escape from a country ravaged by war. They came finding a new home and family – what they got was a new kind of hell. Forced into the Imperial army, Finn and Barin have to fight to overcome the prejudices that they have to face – and fight so that they can be with their families once more. To save themselves and the ones’ they care about, they will go to any lengths – even if it means slaying the Emperor! This prequel to Trapped on Draconica focuses on the early life of General Taurok and his son Barin, we learn the truth behind Barin’s eventual fate and see just how painful the life of a soldier in the Baalarian Empire can be. Set against a backdrop of warfare and violence, only love keeps these men going on.


My Review

Dan Wright has done it again: Delivered a well-balanced story to the hands of readers. Genres in this novel include but are not limited to: Fantasy, Romance, Action, Comedy, and Drama. Written as a prequel to Draconica Series, Taurok’s War tells the story of how Finn Taurok and his son, Barin, escaped from their hometown in Shadoria until their days in the Baalarian army. Wright’s trademark manga influence can be observed in this novelette. Fan service abound every other chapter, and, I believe, ***Spoiler Alert*** some sexy scenes and shonen ai (depictions of the romantic side of a relationship between two males) has been incorporated. Dynamic new characters had been introduced and some open-ended questions from the series has been answered, such as, “Who really killed Finn’s son?” and “How did a human end up with a shadori?”. Emotional and heart-breaking ending concludes this story.

I was provided an e-copy of the book by the author for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review. All conclusions are my own responsibility.

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