Character Interview: Surprise Guests (#Finn and #Rana)

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-Hello, everyone! Welcome to another edition of Let’s Maim Tsukime for Her Uncontrollable Mouth. Just kidding! It’s another fine evening for an interview with the Draconica characters. However, today, we are going to have a surprise guest. By surprise, I mean, I really have no idea who we’ll have today since I sent every Draconica creature an invitation for an interview. Hopefully, our guest wouldn’t be worse than Zarracka. I am still trying to regrow some of my toes from that mean frostbite and—

[Cue: Enter Finn and Rana amidst cheers of fangirls while the two wave like the elegant royals that they are]

Finn and Rana

-(loud stage whisper) OMG! It’s Finn—and Rana.

-Good evening, Your Excellencies, it’s so nice of you two to volunteer to be interviewed tonight. I know that you’re always busy with running Baalaria.

Finn: It’s a pleasure to be here. Dan asked us if we’d appear on your blog, and we agreed.

Rana: Pleasure to meet you, Francine.

So, What was it like to run an empire that had lived—and still is living—in darkness?

Finn:  I was kind of used to it, as I had lived in Baalaria most of my life. The constant darkness is the result of the War of the Brothers. Baala and Leonida (the founders of our empire and the now extinct Leonidan Kingdom) waged a massive war that resulted in their deaths. During the fight, they sent thousands of tons of ash into the air that covered the land in darkness. It is pretty creepy at first, but you get used to it.

Rana: I for one took a lot to get used to it. I had heard stories about Baalaria being dark all the time – and it was confusing knowing which was night and day. But after a while, like Finn said, you get used to it.

What were the people’s reaction to being ruled by BOTH Emperor and Empress?

Finn: There are obviously those who take issue with it – bigots mainly. They just don’t like the idea of a woman being in charge. But Rana is my wife and I see no reason why she can’t rule alongside me. Considering she is a Dragonkin, I’d love the idea of her being in charge.

Rana, what was it like to be the sister of two headstrong Dragonkins?

Rana: I like to think I could be equally as headstrong as Daniar and Zarracka. Daniar and I have had our issues, but that’s in the past. We’re both really close now and stronger than ever. Blood is thicker than water after all. As for Zarracka – well, I think you know my feelings on her.

By the way, just say the word – I’ll make sure she suffers for what she did to you.

Thank you so much. I’m still missing several toes…

If there’s a chance that Erowin will be brought back from the beyond, what will you sacrifice?

Rana: I think Daniar was hit harder by Erowin’s death more than me. I didn’t really know her that much compared to her – and in truth I was always a little mean to her. It would be nice if she was still here though, so I could apologise to her. But to bring her back – there are some things in life you shouldn’t mess with.

Rana, before Finn, your I-hate-men mantra was legendary. Can you shed some light to the reason behind that? Do you think you’ll be able to overcome that if you haven’t met Finn?

Rana: I’m somewhat embarrassed about that really. Years ago, me and Daniar had a falling out – there was this knight that I really had a crush on, but (believe it or not) I was really shy back then. I asked Daniar to ask him out on my behalf, but he fell in love with Daniar. At the time I felt betrayed and angry – and I left the kingdom to hide at Skycrack Mountains. There, I could hear messages carried throughout the wind, where I heard what was going on in the world. Learning that men were responsible for evil in the world, I became angry at them and hated them for what they did.

To be fair, I was young and stupid back then. I still think that men can be pigs and a lot of them should be put in their place – but I don’t hold them accountable for all evils in the world. Finn showed me that. (She holds his hand).

What was it about Finn that got you all girly and blushing? Not that you weren’t girly before, but you know what I mean.

Rana: I think I surprised myself. I had built up this image that men were selfish pigs. But Finn had an honourable side to him. He was prepared to lay down his life for his family. And he was a complete gentlemen as well. I think I wasn’t used to men acting this way, so I did get a little shy. But then, I’m only human (well, Dragonkin) and I’m not as angry as people think I am.

Also, tell us, is Finn really gifted? You know, down there?

Rana: Why do you think we’ve been married so long?

Finn: Rana! (blushes)


Why don’t you two still have kids? Is that a conscious choice or what?

Rana: To be honest, we haven’t really thought about it.

Finn: For the most part, I wanted to look after Lydia. She didn’t have any parents after her father and mother died – I wanted to be her parent. But now she’s grown, I’m sure that Rana and I would love to have children one day.

Rana: One day maybe…

Next question is for Finn. *blush* Hi. :3 Anyway, *giggle* how does it feel to be Emperor considering you had been a farmer before you came to Baalaria?


Finn: Why are you blushing? Is it something I said?

Well, to answer your question, it is a great feeling to be Emperor. I’ve come a long way since my farming days. I never thought I would be Emperor of Baalaria in a million years. But the empire needed fixing after Gothon had damaged it (although now I see he wasn’t totally to blame) and I felt that I had enough knowledge to help fix it. But I couldn’t have done that alone.

(He takes Rana by the shoulder). This woman helped me every single step of the way. Her love helped me through some difficult times. If not for her, I couldn’t have done it.

Rana: You’re too modest, you know that Finn?


How did you get to be so calm and collected even when things go from bad to downright crazy?

Finn: My father used to tell me “When all the world goes to hell – only the one that smiles will survive”. I guess I just took that on. Besides, you always need one person to keep a cool head when all the craziness happens. Being in the Baalarian army taught me that more than anything. There you are subjected to all kind of danger and you need to keep a cool head if you’re going to survive.

Were you aware that during your training enslavement as Baalarian soldiers, Barin had brought out some rather deep emotions from a fellow soldier? Has the same thing happened to you?


Finn: Barin never told me, but when Francis (Sam) killed himself, I saw the look in his eyes. I saw the guilt and sadness. I never really knew all the details back then, but I know that Barin was distraught by it. That was always my son – he was a man of honour. Always doing what is best.

(A tear forms in his eyes). Sorry, can I have a minute?

Aw… Finn looks so cute when he’s crying.

Okay, next! There was a picture that I had shown in another interview before, of you in your Christmas garb. How did Dan Wright get you to do it? Does Rana even know?

Finn Taurok

Rana: FINN? When did this happen?

Finn: Er… it was around Christmas.

Rana: Christmas?

Finn: That’s a holiday the Earthlings have here. Sort of like our version of “New Life Day” I guess. Anyway, Dan asked if I like to pose for this picture for my – Fangirls I think he said?

Rana: Fangirls?

Finn: Er, apparently I have a few female followers.

Rana: Well, (looks at the picture) as long as this is ALL they get to see of you. Only I get to see the whole package!

(mumbles) We wanted to see the whole package too.

How did you two manage to stay together so long?

Rana: We trust each other totally – and Finn giving me equal ownership has strengthened our marriage even further. Trust is important for me. And I trust Finn with all my heart.

Finn, how was your relationship with Kalak now?

Finn: It was… a little rocky to say the least. I think Kalak hated me for the part I played in the death of his people. Can’t say I blame him – but we now see past that and I like to think that we both respect each other.

Considering that Kalak and Daniar has a son and is rumored to have another one in the Final Ragnarok book, how do you two feel about that?

Rosa Dragonkin

Rana: I’m so pleased for Daniar. She deserves all possible happiness. I haven’t met their new baby yet as I’ve been so busy with the empire, but I heard that it’s a girl. And she named it Rosa after our late mother. I bet she’s a beautiful baby.

Finn: I hear from Lydia occasionally, she’s at Brittana training Benji to be a warrior, but she tells us that Rosa is beautiful. Maybe one day we’ll get over there and visit her.


– I guess those are the questions that I could ask right now. I have a favour to ask of you two though…


– Can I sit on Finn’s lap please? Just this once…

(Finn looks at Rana)

Rana: I guess there is no harm in it.

As I eagerly take my sit on Finn’s lap-

Inu X Boku

a mob of fangirls suddenly jumped on Finn as though anyone NOT Rana sitting on Finn is welcome invitation for others to sit too.


Rana became really pissed at all the fangirls and decided to blow them away.

Then they left the interview room as regally as they came.


Books by Dan Wright:

Draconica #1: Trapped on Draconica

Draconica #2: Legacy of the Dragonkin

Draconica #3: Final Ragnarok coming this 2014


All Hail Emperor Gothon

Taurok’s War

Also Available: Draconica Sketch Book, The Wandering Valkyr

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Pictures used in this post is of Touko Fukawa from Dangan Ronpa: The Animation, Inu X Boku, and some gifs of fangirls from I do not own them.

All Draconica pictures have been provided by Dan Wright.


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    Thanks again for having Finn and Rana on your blog. Hope it wasn’t TOO chaotic! haha! 😉

      tsukimep responded:
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      My interview room was pretty much destroyed, I have broken bones from the stampede, and I am still missing several toes from the freezing Zarraka gave me, so, no, it wasn’t TOO chaotic.

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