Review: The Concubine by Raine Weaver

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After centuries of warfare, the two continents of the planet Rhenn have declared a truce. Despite his reluctance to play diplomat in the land of his enemies, everything has gone smoothly for Lord Drey…until he meets the concubine assigned to fill his visit with pleasure.

Beautiful, sensual and determined to please him in every way, she is what every man dreams of having, but she refuses him the one thing he desires above all.
Warming the bed of the handsome dignitary is an honor Aryenne is happy to take on. But despite all her skill and efforts, the great warrior seems to want the one thing she can’t offer, that most forbidden prize—her heart. Because surrender in this very intimate war could mean his ruin, her death and the end of the peace that could save their world.

A Blush® fantasy romance from Ellora’s Cave

Publisher’s Note: Previously published elsewhere in 2005 under the title Rhenn


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