Divergent Quiz

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Divergent Quiz

In celebration of this awesome book becoming a movie, here’s a quiz to find out which faction you’re from. There are actually two different quizzes that I found but I chose this one because it’s the first one to be made AND it’s tough to get a Divergent result here. LOL

I admit, I haven’t seen the movie yet but I absolutely loved the book. 🙂 It has this post-apocalypse theme which reminded me a bit of the book Anthem by Ayn Rand. Moreover, it’s refreshing to read a young adult book that is not revolving around romance, not that I have anything against romance, of course. Sure there are some romantic scenes in it but it’s more on the state of the world and how the people had recovered after some major wars and such. I loved all the factions but I love the Divergents most of all. I will read the Insurgent and Allegiant in a few months time and I will post my reviews here~ 🙂


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