Review: Rumpel’s Prize (Kingdom #8) by Marie Hall

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rumpel's Prize


Imp, deceiver, villainous mastermind… Rumpelstiltskin’s been called all these names and more, and for the most part, they’re entirely true. But there is more to the brooding, blond haired Adonis than brokering deals for the devil. He’s hiding a terrible, hideous secret. One that threatens to fray the already delicate strands of his sanity and reason. A secret that he’s desperate to make right, to see whole again, and there is no one and nothing that will stand in his way of getting what he wants—no one except a slip of woman with hair like fire and skin like finest porcelain. Something about Shayera Caron calls to the beast inside him and makes him question his motives for the first time in his life.

Shayera Caron is the daughter of the infamous Gerard Caron, former lothario of Kingdom but now a reformed rake and settled husband and father. She can go nowhere in her tiny hamlet without seeing the sneers of women and hearing the murmurings of their disdain for the blood that runs through her veins. Shayera is desperate to get away from the gossiping hens, so when Rumpelstiltskin rides into town, she doesn’t think twice before going wherever he leads. Only thing is Shayera is not as innocent as she might seem, for she hides a secret too. One that will bring the most feared man in all of Kingdom to his knees…



My Review

As one of my favorite romance fantasy authors, Marie Hall has delivered a wonderfully twisted faerie tale that captures the reader’s attention and monopolizes it. Ever since Marie introduced the ever darkly adorable Rumpel in her last book, Huntsman’s Prey, I had been looking forward to reading it.

OMG! It was just so awesome! I mean, Rumpel’s palace is like Wonderland only darker and madder. The way Marie describes the constant change of scenery and the sudden change in distance perception in the scenes sometimes gives me vertigo, that’s how vivid her imagery is. Moreover, the wonderful contrast of Rumpel’s personality has been highlighted in this story where he is both powerful and vulnerable. Shayera displays an amazing amount of courage and trust, and managed to make Rumpel fall for her—hard. Oh, and have I mentioned that Shayera is a… unique creature. Now, I don’t do spoilers. Well, not much anyway. I love the multiple twists of this story and the unexpected surprise of Rumpel’s true self in the ending.

Flames: 3

I was given an e-book copy of this book by the author for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review—all conclusions are my own responsibility.




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