Review: A Moment (Moments #1) by Marie Hall

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Marie Hall


A chance meeting… Life didn’t turn out the way I’d ever hoped it would. I got pregnant at 14. Same year my mom got diagnosed with MS. Dad bailed on us and my life felt like it suddenly started to spiral out of control. I’m 21 now, I go to college, I work hard, trying to make something of myself. I wasn’t supposed to be at that burlesque bar Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t supposed to meet Ryan Cosgrove, but I did. And now nothing will ever be the same. Love born from pain… I’m a retired Marine, an MMA fighter, and when I was younger something terrible happened to me. Life is hard and I’m so tired of pretending its not. I’m in a burlesque bar, drowning my sorrows, trying to shut out the demons breathing down my neck always reminding me I’m not good enough. Then I see Liliana Delgado and something inside of me- something I’d thought long dead- stirs to life. I wonder… can she save me? I hope she can, because I don’t think I can save myself. This is our moment…



My Review

Beautiful and romantic, A Moment is the first book of Marie Hall’s Moment series and highlights the fight a person has with his inner demons to the point that it has been affecting his daily life, and how love can heal even the most broken of people. Intense emotions filter through the pages of this perfectly plotted and arranged well-written novel. Wonderful plot build-up will bring tears to the reader’s eyes. Imperfect characters were portrayed perfectly with amazing character development. I really love the fact that Marie Hall makes sure to cover all the bases, leaving no question left unanswered in this book. I can’t wait to read book two.

I was given an e-copy of this book by the author for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review—all conclusions are my own responsibility.







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