Review: Amanda Moonstone and the Missing Prince By Dan Wright

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Threatened with eviction, Amanda Moonstone stumbles across a lost Prince, of which there is a reward for his safe return. Little does Amanda know is that this “reward” is actually a wicked plan created by the tyrannical King Kimera to keep his claim on the Royal Throne intact. However, finding the Prince may just be the key to undoing the one mistake that has haunted Amanda for over a year. Because being a sorceress comes with a terrible price…

From the shadows, a mysterious man in black watches every step Amanda takes. But what is his purpose? And what part does the insidious Blood gem (her most guarded of gems) have to play in Amanda’s future?

Rating: ✴✴✴✴✴


As the first book of Dan Wright’s new series, Amanda Moonstone and the Missing Prince targets young readers with its interesting take on Disney Pixar concepts. Smoothly transitioning from scene to scene, it is well-written and the narration has a softer and smoother quality compared to the Draconica series. Cleverly employing different emotions, this book touches the hearts of both young and old.

Seeking to overcome her dark past, strong-willed Amanda tries to survive her day to day life through creating and selling potions. She’s a well-planned and a well-thought of character whose development in the story is remarkable and inspiring.

As the lost prince, Daryl goes through harrowing and traumatic events in his life causing him to lose his sweet and innocent nature and mature rather quickly.

As the two journey together, they met several nefarious characters including a frog-like water ghul with strange appendages (tentacle innuendo?), a greedy monarch who is a coward of the highest level, a character looking for redemption (whose reasons and logic somehow confused me still), and a mysterious guy who goes by the name of “The Author” who seems to be breaking the fourth wall throughout the book.

I was given an e-copy of this book by the author. I was not compensated for this review. All conclusions are my responsibility.

About the Author:

Dan lives in the United Kingdom – born in the historic town of Canterbury, Kent. He picked up a love of Fantasy stories after reading such classics as The Lord of the Rings, The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and numerous Roald Dahl novels.

His Draconica series, a Fantasy/Manga series that has been praised for its Anime style action, humour and illustrations. He has also had a short comic strip called Queller, which was published in an anthology for the comic Lighting Strike Presents . . . and has also been a judge for a book competition at his local school.

His other hobby is playing guitar in a band called Rage of Silence. He likes all kinds of music—but he mainly listens to rock and metal, rap, some pop music and also film and video game scores. He also loves Disney and Pixar movies—often finding himself singing along to the tunes, or crying manly tears!

He is also a slave to his cat, who takes up a lot of his time when he isn’t at work or writing!
Dan likes to hear from readers: ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Blog ~ Amanda Moonstone Facebook
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