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Her Lone Wolf (X-Ops #2)

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Her Lone Wolf

Her Lone Wolf by Paige Tyler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Before I gush about this book. I would like to say thank to Ms. Paige Tyler for following my Twitter account. I felt really good because one of the authors that I am currently reading follows me…As an amateur book reviewer, it feel really nice.

Okay, enough said!

When it comes to shifter romance, wolves got the best deal, because they only have one mate…and the connection they would always be beyond anyone’s comprehension.

That sentence is the best way to describe my feeling s when it comes to this book. As much as I like to hate Clayne, I can’t. He maybe an a**hole but there will always be a reason behind every actions and his was justified by the back flash during the whole story. The combination of the past happening and their present situation was…

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