~About Me~

Kime 000 

Hello everyone!

My name’s Tsukime /tsoo-key-meh/.

I love reading books (obviously).

Sometimes I might not have time for other things.

I try my very best(est) to come up with reviews that would make some sense (because my brain is filled with jumbled thoughts. Flight of ideas, anyone?

When I am not reading, I am trying to integrate myself into the real word.

Sometimes, I try to save lives (I’m a nurse!)

Sometimes, I try to share my (nonexistent) English skills through teaching.

But most of the time, I sleep.

I love sleep.

Sleep is probably second to reading.

Sometimes, when I think of sleeping, reality intrudes and I would have to do some things that most humans do with ease but that I would have to do with utmost difficulty.

Or my friends would drag me outside… where there is sunlight… and strangers… and people who want to talk to me…


Outside my job(s), I have absolutely zero (0) people skills.

I have difficulty remembering people’s names and I tend to stare off into space.

However, I do have a fixation on cute and cuddly stuff toys and bizarre key chains.

My favorite animal is the penguin. :3 Penguins

Oh, I also like watching anime and reading manga.

Sometimes, I try to write some stories… those are very rare sometimes.

And I absolutely despise exercise.


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