#Book Blitz and #Giveaway: Scaredy Modsters… and Creepy Freaks by Diane Rinella

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about the book

Scary Modsters… and Creepy Freaks

A fantastical romance involving a girl, the music that fuels her, and her Ouija board.

Rosalyn possesses a sunny personality that is laced with quirks. Although she seeks acceptance in a world where she lives out of time, what she gets is ridiculed for her eclectic wardrobe and unconventional music collection.

One fateful night, Rosalyn bewitches Niles, a stylish man whose offbeat character perfectly complements her own. Unfortunately, he possesses a critical flaw that means relationship suicide for him and pretty much anyone.

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#FinalRagnarok #Trailers by @PandragonDan and #Sample #Chapters

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I read the sample chapters and I love them! True, you should read the former books before this one but the intro chapters are awesome! You should really try reading them~ :3 It made me cry and it made me want to rain all kinds of plague over Dan Wright’s head for what he did to my beloved Finn Taurok. What? What did he do you ask? Just click at the links below and find out for yourselves. I’m still plagued with a whirlwind of emotions. This author is good with transforming anime and manga scenes into words. Reading his books feels like you’re reading comics. That’s how good his visuals are.

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Luxuria Teaser by Francine A.

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Chapter 1
Fifteen years ago

“And here we have the infamous nameless deity suspended in a state of Inanimation.”

A hand shot up from the group of bored-looking nine year olds.

“Yes, Tam?” the teacher acknowledge, turning slightly away from the giant glass column that housed the nameless deity. Her hair would’ve been the color of fresh blood flowing from a cut artery as they floated about her, and her eyes would’ve been the bright silver of a fork, polished to a high shine as they stared unseeingly at the kids, but the color was muted, her skin, so pale and blemish-free shone with a marble-like sheen.

The bright, green-eyed kid frowned in confusion. “But why is she like that, Len-teacher?”

Len-teacher smiled at the rareness of the question. Usually, no one’s interested in any of the artifacts displayed in the Pre-Crisis Collection—and definitely no nine-year-old cared enough to. Gesturing widely to the glass column he said, “I’m glad you asked, Tam,” he replied, much to the annoyance of the other kids, they can feel a century-lng dissertation coming. “You see, history shows that this particular deity was once very powerful and dangerous. It was because of her that the whole world almost came to the brink of destruction—”

“But why?” asked little Tam. “What did she do? She looks so nice.”

Len-teacher sent out a derisive laugh. “She does, doesn’t she? I tell you, though, she is the embodiment of the very thing that drive humans almost crazy.”

Now Tam’s curiosity is piqued. “What’s that, Len-teacher?”

Len-teacher sighed. “No one knows, kid. All records related to such had been eradicated after the Crisis.”

“What’s erad… eradacatid?” an adorable blonde little girl spoke up with a serious face. Len-teacher recognized her as Constance, the class’s walking dictionary—who couldn’t abide not knowing a word.

“Eradicated? It means totally destroyed or erased from existence.”

At this point, another new voice was heard. It was such a rarely-heard one so all heads turned to the direction of the speaker who stood beside the teacher. “Then why didn’t our old people eradicate this nameless deity?”

Len-teacher frowned and clamped a hand on the kid’s mouth. “Careful of your questions, Zash,” he cautioned. “You don’t want to be Taken Away.”
Everyone gasped. They all know that those who were Taken Away have never EVER returned to their family.

Turning back to the rest of the class, Len-teacher resumed his lecture, “After a specific period of time, seven people were chosen to become this nameless deity’s Guardians. They will undertake training and guidance from the retiring Guardians where they will learn everything there is to know about this nameless deity—which isn’t much—and they will spend the rest of their lives researching about her. Now, everyone follow me and I will show you the Pre-Crisis recreation room where they have cool low technology toys.”

The class gave a loud cheer and pushed against each other in their haste to be the one to enter the recreation room first.

Tam stood in front of the glass holding the nameless deity. He looked at her thoughtfully and, apparently making up his mind, he took a deep breath and whispered, “I will be a Guardian and I will work hard so other people will know you too. I know you’re not the evil thing they make you out to be.”

With that said, he turned and followed his classmates out of the room.


Constance stepped from behind a marble column where she had slipped to hide when she saw that Tam opted to stay, and stared at the retreating figure of her dreams. Hugging her books to her chest, she heaved a deep sigh. He looks adorable, she thought.Even his back is adorable. Sighing again, she shook her head to collect herself and walked towards the door at the other side of the room. Halfway there, something caught her eye. Frowning, she turned to the glass that held the nameless being her Tam had been so fascinated with.

Had it been her imagination or did the being’s lips move?

Moving closer, she stood in front of the glass with her nose almost touching it. She stared at the being closely, but after a few seconds, Read the rest of this entry »

Book Blitz: Huntsman’s Prey by Marie Hall

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HuntsmansPreyThe long anticipated spinoff to the Bad boys series is finally here, the Dark Princess Saga begins with Hatter and Alice’s daughter…

Rumors abound in Wonderland, of a dark princess named Chrysalis who bears the Moon’s curse. Her beauty is beyond compare, and her madness… even greater than her father’s, The Hatter. Death follows wherever she roams, and Danika—fairy godmother of all villains—knows this task is too great for her to handle on her own. She has no choice but to seek out the one they call Huntsman, his mission is simple: Find the creature, and destroy it.

But nothing is ever so simple in Kingdom. The moment the hunter Aeric steps foot in the mad, twisted realm he’s enveloped in a reality that is neither wholly true nor fantasy. The key, the Cheshire explains, to ending the madness is for one to become mad themselves. The Huntsman has one chance to figure out the riddle before the beauty destroys them all…



The rustling of leaves sounded like the rattling of dry bones. Trees—their trunks twisted and distorted from the magic imbued within the very soil of Wonderland—reached long, gnarly branches out toward Danika.

The stars shone a brilliant silver, winking from within the navy blue sky. A sickle shaped smile of sharp teeth gleamed from inside shadow and somewhere a voice howled. The haunting sound raised goose bumps on her arms and the fine hairs on the back of her neck.
She flew within the shelter of a hollow, staring at the ground below littered with the twisted, distorted bodies of sightless carcasses. Hundreds of dead animals, with limbs torn off and throats ripped open. A brutal slaughter that brought tears to her eyes.

It’d been eighteen years since she’d married off the last of her Bad Five, eighteen years of peace and quiet, eighteen years of being lulled into a false sense that all was well within her world.

But all was not well. She’d suspected this time was coming, had seen a glimpse of the future first time she’d laid eyes on the child. Danika had tried to deny it, tried to wish it away, to hope that desire could stop reality.

Her heart bled to hear the sounds of the lonely, constant cries shuddering through the woods. The teeth returned, floating right in front of her face.

“Cheshire?” Dragonfly wings buzzed softly behind her back.

A face materialized around the teeth, a ghostly distortion of fur and stripes. Then a body followed suit, until finally, a fluffy tabby stared back at her with eyes the color of an inkwell.

“Godmother?” His lazy drawl echoed with laughter. “What are you doing in my woods?”
She scoffed. “Your woods. You wish you fat alley cat. These woods belong to the Hatter.”
Cheshire did a strange rolling shoulder lift while he licked his paw. Danika shook her head, much as she loved Hatter, his woods were one she rarely visited and dreaded staying inside of for too long. The sensuous curl of white fog wrapped itself around the cat’s body, as if he were readying to vanish into the ether once again.

She may not like the cat, but she preferred his company to being alone in this warped portion of Kingdom.

“Have you seen the creature?” she asked quietly, heart thumping loudly as she strained to hear every creak, groan, and whistle surrounding them.

“Mmmm. I have,” he purred, long and loud and low, the rumbling vibrations of it causing his fur to stir and fluff. “Beautiful madness.”

“Where is it?” She hugged her arms to her chest, the howls had stopped, which meant it could now be anywhere. She wanted to leave, wanted to leave now.
“It? You mean she. Do you not?”

She closed her eyes. To think of it as anything other than an it would make this task impossible. Oh goddess, this wasn’t supposed to happen. Not to Alice and Hatter, they’d gone through so much, this shouldn’t have happened. How she wished she had Miriam’s wise guidance once again, her truest and best friend would have known what to do, how to fix this.

“I meant exactly what I said. Where did you see it last?” She lifted her chin, voice stern, refusing to allow an ounce of sympathy to leak into her words.

His smile stretched from ear to ear, full of nothing but sharp, little teeth that made him look frighteningly macabre. An impossibly long tongue licked at the fur around his eyes.
“Silver girds her loins, fire ripples at her feet.”

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about author

Marie loves books that make you think, or feel something. Preferably both. And while she’s a total girly girl and loves glitter and rainbows, she’s just as happy when she’s writing about the dark underbelly of society. Well, if things like zombies, and vampires, and werewolves, and mermaids existed. (Although she has it on good authority that mermaids do in fact exist, because the internet told her so.)

She’s married to the love of her life, a sexy beast of a caveman who likes to refer to himself as Big Hunk. She has two awesome kids, lives in Hawaii, loves cooking and occasionally has been known to crochet.

Connect with Marie:

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Excerpt: Wunder (#3 Teamwork) by A.R. Von

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Wunder Excerpt

So, AR Von posted an excerpt of the third book of the Wunder Series, Teamwork

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Wunderseries

 We arrive at the facility, which I found out is also known as the ‘official’ RIP test center, fairly quickly with the three of us practically running the entire track here. Pete, Tank and I are forced into our first authorized mission as a trio. Apparently there were more than five infected that escaped while I was visiting with my mother. One more to be exact and he’s missing, hiding somewhere in the facility wreaking havoc in every area he goes to. 

According to the security team that’s been watching the cameras like hawks. He’s still on the loose and they’re unable to pin point his location so far because he’s not stood still long enough. They’re all saying he’s the fastest zombie yet and that he seems to disappear into walls at times. That’s fucking freaky!

Coming January 2014

Goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18481444-teamwork